Add Text to Google Plus Images

Add Text to Google+ Images

Add Text to Google+ Images

Adding Text to an Image is back! It’s not the same as before but until otherwise this is what we got.

1. Click on Photos on your profile screen or any screen from which you want to share a photo.
2. Click the T button to add text to the image (it can also be an autoawesome image)
3. Select the image and you will be brought to a screen with 3 text entry fields.
a.Top, Middle, Bottom of the photograph is where the text can be entered
4. Type the text you would like and at this point you can either change the alignment or change the font itself.
5. Please Note: You can not change the size of the text you can only make it smaller by typing more characters. Less Characters = Larger Font, More = Smaller.
6. Once you click save after entering your text you can now post that image with text.
7. If you wanted to try and edit after hitting save but before posting, you would not be able to alter the characters at this point. It will now appear as the image with text on it, a flat image.

That is how you add text to an image (or autoawesome image)

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