Building a Successful Google Plus Profile

Google Plus connects it all together, and increasingly G+ is becoming the center of a unified Google experience. Google is positioning itself at the center of our Web world. In Q2 2013 Google was responsible for 3 of the 4 top apps on mobile devices. That means of the hundreds of millions of people using smart phones Google apps were on most of them. Google is leading the way in Online search, advertising, productivity and a host of other Online services.

Find Your Niche

Once you’ve setup your new profile it’s time to start meeting people, but how? First set some goals for yourself. Do you want to build a massive following? Or do you want to build authority and reach in your niche? Whatever your goals the best place to start is with a Google+ search.

Google Plus Search

Google Plus Search

A Google+ search will produce relevant results from people who are highly regarded. From here you can drill down into a particular post by clicking the hash tag link to see other related posts. Spend some time following these links to associated content. As you browse through content that is interesting to you, or fits your niche, begin circling the people who created or shared that content.

Once you’ve found the people you want to circle begin engaging them. That is +1, comment on and share their content. Join the Communities that these influential people have started or belong to. Find out what blogs or websites they produce content for. Be genuine, courteous and helpful.

Probably the best Community to join for business people wishing to up their game on Google+ is Plus Your Business!.

Improve Your Posts

Not all posts are created equal, and a properly formatted inclusive post will help drive engagement. Here’s what you do:

Produce Original Content:

It’s difficult to say if any one thing on Google+ will make you successful, but if there were this would be it. Producing creative, engaging, helpful, thought-provoking, original content will grow your Google+ audience. For many just starting out with Online marketing it may be difficult at first to produce good original content.

A good place to start is by sharing what you already know in the form of a presentation, tutorial or blog post. When you lean a new skill package your knowledge into an easily sharable format. Be descriptive, creative and include images. Our brains are wired for images, as seen in this great infographic, so always include them when possible. Google has provided a creative tool for producing your own infographics!

Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles

Circles are one of the features that make Google+ so unique and powerful. When you view your homestream the default is to see posts by people in all your Circles. However your home stream can be organized by individual Circles. In this way you can very specifically see those posts from people of interest to you.

When sharing content you can choose which circles you’d like to share with. Alternatively you can share a post as public or a combination of public and any circle or person you’d like to specify. In this manner you can either broadcast information to everyone at once, to a single person or to a group of people.

Circles should be organized into categories or topics, and can further be segmented into groups of engaging or influential people in these topical areas. It’s also a good idea to look through your past posts to find those people who engage your content the most. These people who regularly engage your content can be placed in an evangelist or similarly named circle. Managing Circles is an important part of success on Google+.

You’re All Set!

By finding your niche, improving your posts, producing original content and organizing your circles you’ll be on your way to a very successful Google+ profile. If you wish to learn more or have any specific questions feel free to Circle me on Google+!

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