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Google Plus What’s Hot and Photography Links

Here we’ll be discussing the new What’s Hot section and the new photograph hover links on Google+. Awhile back the What’s Hot link disappeared on us! It used to be in the left navigation section, but it has now moved.

Whats Hot, also called, “What’s hot and recommended”, is a great way to quickly get an idea of what’s going on around Google+.

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HDR Photo Editing in Snapseed on Google Plus

Recently Google updated the Snapseed photo editing tools available in Google Plus to include HDR photo editing tools. When Google released the new HDR filter it was initially not available except from the mobile...

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Exploring Google Plus in 2014

Welcome to the first GPlusGeek video of 2014! In this video we cover some of the changes we saw in 2013, and how to explore Google Plus. There can certainly be a learning curve...

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Google Plus Etiquette

A simple thank you goes a long way on Google Plus, and there are a few good ways to do that. Here Michael takes us through some of the basics to Google+ etiquette. These...

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Power of Psychology on Google Plus

Part 1: Power of Visualization Have you considered the human brain when you think about your social updating on Google Plus? There is a very powerful attribute that no one knows about, yet it...

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A Video Introduction to Google Plus Circles

In this introduction we cover what Google+ circles are, and how they really separate Google+ from other social media networks. For starters Google+ circles are a way of communicating directly with only select people....