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To begin with content marketing is becoming a proven method for driving qualified traffic to your website. I say qualified because it’s important to note that not all traffic is created equal. When you write helpful content, that is also focused on products or services you provide, the resulting traffic is already interested if what you’re offering. I say proven because, not only have I seen case studies indicating as much, but I’ve also begun to prove it myself.

The Small Business Content Marketing Success Story

Having read the case studies, that seemed to indicate traffic could be drastically improved with some regular blog posts, I set out to prove it. Basically I decided to write 2 blog posts per week of helpful, high quality content to see what results a small business could achieve. My initial findings have been very positive. The small business in question employs about ten people, and operates in a town of about half a million.

Again the experiment is relatively new at 27 days, but here are the initial findings. These are compared to the previous 30 days in which we wrote no new content. (these are initial numbers as this is an ongoing study)

  • Unique Visitors: 15% increase
  • Social Traffic: 1182% increase
  • Direct Traffic: 26% increase

Build an Audience on Social Channels

Good consistent content is great, but it’s also helpful to have an audience. To build that audience you need two things. A Google+ business page, and a personal page. Then be your business pages best advocate by resharing content from the page to you profile publicly. Be sure that the audience you’ve built up on your profile side are interested in the content you’ll be sharing from your business page.

Building an audience for your personal profile is not difficult, but it takes time and dedicated effort. Determine what topics you’ll be writing about. These will likely be centered around the products and services you’re already offering. This is a great match because you’ll already be familiar with these topics. Now find those other’s who are interested in, and talking about, those topics. Engage these people by plussing, commenting and sharing their content. Build real relationships with people, and be helpful. Do this consistently and your audience will grow organically.

These techniques work not only on Google+, but also on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social network you may be involved with.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Storm, Start Now

I’ve heard a lot of people say that things aren’t quite perfect yet, and that they’ll start their content marketing efforts once everything is in place. Don’t wait! Start activating each piece of this game plan all at once, and you’re goals will reached almost without you realizing it. Take some base metrics before you get started, and then put your nose to the ground and work. Check back in a month to see where you are.

Also you don’t have to wait because those people you’re building relationships with already have large audiences. Once you’ve met some of these influential people ask them to share your content. Given that your content is topically relevant to these influential people, and of a high quality, you’ll be amazed by how quickly they will oblige. Produce outstanding content, and don’t be shy about asking people to help amplify it with you.

Pulling it All Together

Here are the steps to successfully marketing your content online.

  • Build a Qualified Audience on Social Channels
  • Produce High Quality, Sharable, Topically Relevant Content
  • Share that Content, and Ask Others to Do the Same

Check back soon for some content writing tips!

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