David Amerland: Why Google+ Makes us Smarter

Does using Google+ really make a person smarter? Here are ten reasons why this may very well be the case. This is one of those posts that deserves more exposure. Here David Amerland, if you haven’t already done so circle him immediately, lays out several studies relating to unexpected ways in which humans can increase their IQ.

Some of these studies outline ways in which people can increase their IQ, but the methods employed in doing so are, in my opinion, outweighed by the negative effects that would be produced by engaging the practice. However these are my own opinions, and I will leave you to form your own.

Regardless this post points out some rather unusual, and unexpected ways in which humans are seen to increase their IQ levels. For example according to research conducted by the developer of Nintendo’s Brain Training software riding a motorcycle to work daily showed improved cognitive function. Or number 3 on this list how, according to a study reported in Discover Magazine, “social interaction boosts synaptic activity”. You’ll find these, and many gems beside, in this seminal Google Plus post.

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