Exploring Google Plus in 2014

Welcome to the first GPlusGeek video of 2014! In this video we cover some of the changes we saw in 2013, and how to explore Google Plus. There can certainly be a learning curve to Google+, but with these simple ideas you can very quickly begin to see why so many people consider it to be the best social media platform available.

The Home Stream

We start out in the home stream, which is basically where you’ll see a combination of posts from various place around Google Plus. Here you’ll find your friends posts, posts from communities you’ve joined as well as posts from whats hot around Google Plus.

Once in your home stream you can easily explore by clicking on the hashtags associated with many posts. By clicking on a hashtag, for example #marketing, you’ll be presented with many related posts. You will also see, and this is a relatively recent feature, a large hashtag at the top center of the post you’re reviewing. Clicking on this large hashtag will perform a global search of Google+ which you can further refine by clicking the various links just below the search box.

What’s Hot

Next we want to take a look at the what’s hot section. Here you’ll see popular posts from around Google+. Here you’ll also find the trending topics section, which is updated in real (or near real) time. This is a good way to get your finger on the pulse of the day. Any of the trending topics are clickable for easy access to associated posts and information.

Google+ Search

The search feature can also be used to discover shared circles. Proceed with caution as circling too many people at once has many negative side effects. Not the least of these negative effects is that Google may severely restrict your ability to circle anyone if the ratio of people who circled you to those you circle gets too unbalanced. Basically if you circle many more people than circle you.

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