Extend Your Reach on Google Plus

Extend Your Reach on Google Plus

Extend Your Reach on Google Plus

Increasing your influence and extending your reach on Google Plus is not as complex as you might think. By following the simple steps outlined in this video tutorial you’ll be able to do so. While these steps are not overly difficult to follow you will have to be consistent with them. Extending reach and influence on Google Plus is not something you can do over night. Much of this process depends on relationship building, and as with any meaningful relationship it takes time and effort.

Being Successful on G+ Takes Time

Once you’ve committed to putting in the time and effort find your niche! This may seem obvious, but it isn’t always. Being on topic with your posts, comments, shares and engagement is important to building relevance to your chosen niche. Also find those people who are influential and engaging in those niche topics. Then +1, comment on and share their content.

You Want Shares!

Pay particular attention to shares. Shares on Google+ become the links that build up a kind of Page Rank (PR) for your posts. Page Rank is a kind of ranking system used by Google to determine the authority of a particular website domain. So for example large websites like amazon.com or google.com will have the highest PR, and your newly opened sites will have little to no Page Rank for some time. Similarly on Google Plus your posts will not have much weight to them, as far as the Google algorithms are concerned, until you start getting shares by other highly authoritative profiles.

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