Extending Your Reach Online Using Google+

Google Plus will uniquely position you and your brand in Google Search, and in other Google services as well. However, you must have an understanding of how best to use the platform if you’re going to begin ranking in Search. In this video Joe Napolitani, founder of plethorallc.com, outlines his strategy for extending reach Online using Google+

Using Your Google+ Business Page

While working with Drs Health, Joe noticed that their Google+ business page was ranking better than their website. One of the keys to ranking your G+ business page in Search is to be consistent with quality content. This means posting at least once a day from your page.

Posting is great, but go further! Interact with people using both your brand page and your personal page. Ask questions, offer help where you’re expertise can shine and generally join the conversation on Google+. We’ve covered this in more detail here with Etiquette Tips and How to Join the Conversation on Google Plus.

You’ll want to post a mix of content, but always remember your core niche and post topically relevant content. The idea being that you want to attract a relevant audience, not just a large one. If you’re posting cat memes all the time, you may end up attracting a large audience, but your audience will be interested in cat memes not your niche topic.

Ranking in Google Search is About Using Google Products

Google+ is centrally connected to the majority of Google products. There are direct connections between Google+ and Google Search, Google AdWords, YouTube (owned by Google), Gmail, Google Maps, Google Local (now Google+ Local Business pages) and many others as well.

Given this close connection between Google+ and the rest of Google’s product line up, your ranking success in Google Search is connected┬áto activity on Google+. For example, as Joe describes in the video, he found that his Google+ business page was ranking in Google Search much faster than his own website. The opportunity there is to connect with people directly from your brand page, and begin to bring them into the story of your brand.

Another example of how using Google products helps you rank in Search is YouTube. Relevant YouTube videos rank extraordinarily well in Google Search, and are a big part of why using Google Hangouts on Air (HOAs) are so powerful. HOAs, such as the one I conducted in the video here with Joe, record directly to your brands YouTube channel. Given how well YouTube videos rank it’s amazing how much brand exposure you can get quickly in Google Search using G+ Hangouts on Air.

Use Google Authorship to Improve Search Exposure

It’s no longer all about ranking in the top spot of Google Search. Now it’s about getting noticed in Search, and Google Authorship is a great way to do this. Generally speaking what you’ll see in Google Search, if Authorship is setup properly, is your Google+ profile photo next to your Search results. In addition to this photo Google also displays your name, which is a clickable link to a custom Search with your name in it.

Along with your photo and your name, Google also displays the total number of people who have you in circles. This number is also clickable, and will take a person directly to your Google+ profile. Given this connection between your profile displaying in search results, it is a good idea to be your own brands best advocate.

Being your brands best advocate means that you’re regularly sharing the posts you make from your Google+ business page to your own personal Google+ profile. This will help people find your brand when clicking on that circles link in the Google Search results, and is just another example of how you can improve overall brand exposure using Google+.

How Often Should I be Producing and Sharing Content?

Joe has found that the best results for Plethora LLC come from posting fresh new content at least twice a week, and three times a week if he can. Content marketing is highly competitive, and in order to remain relevant your content has to be available when people’s attention is also available.

Not only should you be producing content two or three times a week, but you should also be sharing the same piece of content several times. Don’t overdue it, but sharing one piece of content at different times and on different days, will help you reach people who wouldn’t otherwise see it. You’ll also get more traction out of each piece of content meaning you’re getting more value out of the time you spend producing content.

Using Google+ to Boost Online Reputation

Towards the end of our interview, Joe brings up a valuable point that’s not often talked about on Google+. Many people are seeking employment, and one of the first things many prospective employers do is to Google your name. Depending on your name you may already be ranking well in Google. If you’re not already ranking for your name, you will want to be and being active on Google+ will help you do that.

In Joe’s research he’s found that 77% of the time a prospective employer will Google your name, and it’s likely that this number will only continue to grow with time. To position yourself well in that prospective employers view, you’ll want to manage your Online reputation. Adding a short introductory video, that’s connected with your G+ presence, is a great way of helping to maintain and improve your Online reputation.

If you don’t have time to manage your own Online reputation, Plethora has a service called Personal Brand Advantage that can help you develop your Online reputation.

Let’s Wrap Up: Have a Google+ Strategy & Be Consistent!

Extending your reach Online using Google+ can be done by not only being active, but also by having an intentional strategy. Your Google+ strategy doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be consistent. You may consider writing a few things down to do daily and weekly.

For example your daily routine on Google+ may include:

  • Post twice to your brand page
  • Comment a few times on other posts as your brand
  • Share your brands posts to your personal profile
  • Intentionally build relationships as you post

Your weekly routine on Google+ may include:

  • Sharing your own fresh content twice
  • Share those fresh content posts to your personal profile
  • Host an HOA
  • Re-share some content from a prior week

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