Finding Your Audience with Google Plus

Finding and connecting with a specific audience can be challenging, especially when you’re first starting out on Google Plus. However, the rewards of finding your audience are well worth that challenge. It’s also important to keep in mind that the sheer size of your audience isn’t the most important metric. The more important metric to keep in mind is how much an audience resonates with the content you’re producing.

A true influencer, has an audience who resonates with topically relevant content and posts. The challenge then becomes not how to grow the largest audience (anyone can do that with cat memes and funny GIFs), but how to grow an audience who will resonate with the content you’re producing.

Down in the Trenches of Audience Development: How do I Apply This?

Brad Lowry has successfully developed audiences with Google Plus for several organizations now. Most recently, Brad has been developing an audience for Launched in April of 2014, the site has grown exponentially every month since. With about 300 unique views to begin with, they just finished July 2014 with over 1,500!

To reach these numbers and achieve their audience goals through Google Plus, Brad and his team focus on the following:

  • Google Plus Communities
  • Google Plus Hangouts on Air (HOA)
  • Topically Relevant Blogs & Blog Posts

Using Google Plus communities and Hangouts on Air, the team has developed an audience who resonates with their content. Each person who is attracted to the social ecosystem, comes because of specifically targeted content and activity.

Google Plus gives digital marketers unprecedented opportunity to become known within a niche, and to extend their authority as well as trust within that niche as well. By meeting and building relationships within your niche, you attract an audience organically without the need to purchase direct advertising.

On the relevant blog and blog post side of the equation, Brad gives an example of the type of content they’ve found works best. The example given, is a post written by Cindy Molchany Wine Jobs: A Comprehensive Guide to Careers in Wine This content is written more as a high quality resource, than just another blog post. People are responding to this kind of content, and specifically in this case are staying an average of well over 7 minutes. This may not sound like much, but when many people abandon a piece of content in just a few seconds, holding their attention for 7 minutes is a great milestone.

Wrapping Up: What Have We Learned About Audience Development?

The short and sweet of it is, that Google Plus is perfectly suited for connecting with a highly qualified audience who resonates with the content you produce. Don’t put the cart before the horse, develop your audience organically with a focus on those who are genuinely interested in your topic. Don’t attract the largest audience possible with cat memes, then expect them to care when you share the core content that is important to the growth of your business.

Keep it relevant, keep it genuine and always keep your audience in mind.

Leverage Your Time: Use Social Tools to Discover Your Audience

nod3x dashboard

One of the challenges faced by many is how to find an audience of interested people. There is a free (for use with Google+) social media tool called NOD3x, which is designed with relevant audience building in mind.

Using NOD3x for audience development, you will be able to find:

  • Influencers
  • Outliers
  • Engagers

You’ll want to connect with influencers because they are already connected within your niche, and by building relationships with them you will develop your own topical relevance. Outliers are those people who are talking about your topic, but not receiving any engagement. These topically relevant outliers represent a huge opportunity for you to begin developing your own audience. Engagers are those people who are most active within your topic and are also very good to build relationships with.

NOD3x saves you time by identifying these audience influencers, outliers and engagers for you and allowing you to engage them directly from within an easy to use dashboard interface.

For Google+ data, NOD3x is free and will always remain free. However, if you’re serious about broadening your audience you’ll want to have access to the other social platforms they are active on as well. You can add other social data sources, such as Facebook, Twitter and News feeds with premium upgrades. Use the coupon code GPLUSGEEK2249 to save 20% on all upgrades.

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