Formatting Google Plus Posts

Google+ Formatting Posts

Google+ Formatting Posts

Part of what will help you stand out in a crowd on Google+ is properly formatting your posts. There are a number of formatting tricks and tips we review in this short video. The basics are using stars *bold* to bold text. Using underscores like this _underline_ to italic text, and using minus sings like this -minus- to strikethrough your text.

There are also other techniques that will drive more engagement to your posts. Including video or images has proven to increase engagement on posts. Also get to your point right up front in your posts. Consider including a call to action such as a question or a request that a post be shared with others, but be aware that generally speaking a single call to action will outperform multiple.

Also use concise sentences, and short paragraphs. Break up longer posts with either numbered or bullet lists. Review posts by highly influential people, and pay attention to their formatting. You’ll also notice that it’s often a good idea to mention a person in a post by adding a + before their name.

If you’d like further information on using Google+ more effectively come see GPlusGeek on Google+ we’re always glad to meet new people!

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