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Google+ has many uses, not the least of which is as a key part of a successful Online marketing strategy. In this edition of the GPlusGeek show I was joined by the VP of Marketing for Brad Lowry. DRS Health is a start-up founded in 2010 with the mission of bringing together two worlds. The world of nutritional supplementation and the world of the medical profession.

As with most start-ups the initial Online marketing push can be a difficult road to travel. However, Brad outlines his strategy for using Google+ as a key ingredient to make the road to successful Online marketing easier to travel. There are no proven, repeatable methods for Online marketing that don’t involve hard work, and this strategy is no exception. However, this is the road map to use when you want to be successful with your Online marketing.

DRS Health Begins Their Online Marketing Journey

After getting their products and product line ready for market DRS Health turned their attention to what they wanted to do Online. As can be expected they immediately ran into road blocks. They had competition already performing well for the name of their company. In addition to Search ranking competition for their company name, which by itself would be enough to stop many from moving forward, DRS Health also faced another challenge with their Online marketing.

The next challenge was Online recognition, and the need to build a reputation for the face of the company. The face of DRS Health is Dr. Marc Stevens, but when first starting out Dr. Stevens had almost no Online recognition. Basically nobody Online knew who Dr. Stevens was or what professional expertise he had.

At this point Brad, very emphatically, points out that DRS Health found solutions to their problems through Google+. Google+ was able to facilitate their need to build awareness for their company name. Google+ also provided a platform from which Dr. Stevens could become recognized for his professional accomplishments and build an Online reputation.

How Google+ Provides Solutions to Online Marketing Problems

The initial step, in using Google+ to provide solutions to Online marketing problems, was to focus on two goals. Answering the questions, “who are we” and “what kind of message do we want to put out there”. The simplest place to start answering these questions is in the Google+ profile.

Using Google+ profiles and pages DRS Health put out information like their mission statement, their tagline, content information and contact information. All of this information is instantly ready and available to not only the Google+ community, but also now available to Google Search and a much larger audience.

Google has integrated the majority of its services into Google+. It is important to note that your customers and potential customers are all connected with Google+, whether they are directly on the social network part of it or not. Google+ is the social layer to Google, and Google provides the services on which much of the Web functions.

Services like Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Android (with all its Google productivity apps), Google Calendar, AdWords, Google Local (now Google+ for business) and many more are all connected by Google+. The idea that your customers don’t have a Google+ social profile, and therefore won’t find your company Online when you use Google+, is simply uninformed. Not in a negative way, but in a positive way! We who know how connected Google+ is with the Online world have an unprecedented opportunity to teach others.

Using Google+ Hangouts & Communities to Focus Online Marketing Goals

DRS Health began now to focus on their physicians, their message, their products and started two Google+ communities Healthcare Q&A, now with over 12 thousand members, and the Fitness & Nutrition community with over 21 thousand members!

Next DRS Health turned to Google Hangouts to help focus the message of the company. Google Hangouts also enabled them to raise awareness for the faces of their company, the physicians, who had the need of extending their reputation Online. With an active series of Hangouts on Air (HOAs), DRS Health was able to quickly raise awareness and begin building their Online reputation, trust and authority in their chosen niche.

What the DRS Health team soon found was that very quickly they were showing up in Google Search. Soon after they began to dominate the first page of Search. The faces of their company, like the founder Dr. Stevens, went from not being able to be found Online to dominating the first and second page of Search.

Online Marketing Ecosystem with Google+ as the Center

The next steps were to integrate the communities, the DRS Health blog and Google Hangouts into an Online ecosystem. Smaller websites were built to support each community, and to help them grow. Everything was focused around Google+. Brad uses the analogy of a wagon wheel with Google+ as the center. The spokes of this wheel would be the communities, the websites, the blog and the main website. They even made smaller websites that focused on their products and that brought attention back to Google+.

The strategy was to build an ecosystem, with Google+ as a central point, to which people would be attracted and find all the websites and blogs that featured the DRS Health products. Using this strategy they were able to quickly establish their authority in their specific areas of expertise. They became a resource for people who not only wanted to buy DRS Health products that help people get healthy, but also for health content.

This is how Google+ can be used as a central point for creating an Online marketing strategy. By focusing on goals, providing solutions to problems for people, using the tools available in Google+ (like Hangouts and communities) and creating an Online marketing ecosystem, DRS Health was able to meet and exceed their expectations for Online marketing success using Google+.

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