Google Plus for Business

Google strives to provide the most relevant content possible at a given time for a given keyword search, and the better they are at producing a relevant result for you the better they’ve done their job. For businesses it is of central importance to be relevant to their customers and potential customers, and Google Plus for business is the tool to build that relevance Online.

Benefits of a G+ Business Page:

For growing businesses building relevance and authority are key to being found Online, and for established businesses relevance and authority are key to maintaining competitive advantage. Google continues to rely on a strong link structure when ranking content, but more and more they are prioritizing personalized search results.

Because of the priority Google is placing on personalized results smart businesses understand that building relationships with their customers through social media is growing in importance. People want a brand they can relate to, a brand they can share stories about and a brand they can rely on.

Google Plus for Business

Google Plus business pages offer the opportunity of an official presence Online recognized by Google, and trusted by customers. We’ve all seen a YouTube video that promises to be what we’re looking for, but instead is just a spammy copy that we don’t want to see. This is called content scraping, and is something that Google wants to help cut down on.

Google Plus helps businesses provide official content to their customers, which helps organize the web in such a way that spammy content scraping becomes less and less likely to rank. Basically this helps ensure that a company’s content Online isn’t abused by spammers, and that people searching for content are more likely to find the legitimate content they want to see.

Another benefit to a Google Plus for business is in new rich search content Google is now providing. For example search for “sushi restaurant in Jackson MS” in Google and you’ll be provided with a carousel of various options near that location. This carousel includes images, links and reviews for those restaurants near Jackson Mississippi providing a very helpful relevant search experience. This carousel data is pulled from Google local, which is now connected to Google Plus.

An additional resource for businesses is Places for Business. From this dashboard a business can manage their presence Online, which is centrally connected with Google Plus. Once a company’s G+ profile has reached a sufficiently large following Google will be able to display social information about that company directly in search results. This increased real estate in Google search will help your company reach more people, and benefit ROI.

Increasingly Semantic Web

Semantic results are more relevant to an individual than simply matching content to a keyword. Semantic is socially contextual, and the results are increasingly personalized. One of the leading voices in the growing semantic web is David Amerland. Mr. Amerland has indicated that about 10% of all search traffic on Google is semantic. As Google further understands these relationships they will increase the number of semantic results we see.

For businesses being active on Google Plus gives them the opportunity to engage the semantic web by providing helpful relevant information to their following. People are expecting an increasingly personal experience Online, and as Online marketers Google Plus provides the perfect opportunity to provide that experience. The option of being on G+ for business is quickly becoming a requirement to remain relevant.

Beyond Google Plus for Business

Google has gone beyond simply offering a way of interacting with customers and building brand awareness. One of the most powerful aspects to G+ for business is that Google actually indexes G+ posts directly in search. Basically this means that as a company builds reach, relevance and authority on Google Plus their content will extend directly into Google search.

The next step is how to build an effective Google Plus for business page!

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