Google Plus Circle Management Notification Flow

Google Plus Circle Management Notification Flow

Google Plus Circle Management Notification Flow

Google Plus circle management can transform your G+ experience. I have implemented these techniques, and have noticed a marked increase in my follower count. I’m able to interact with, and read the posts of those people who matter most to me. I don’t have to worry which circle to put someone in anymore, because the only question I have to ask is, “how much of their content do I want to see?”

This technique is one I learned from Martin Shervington, and I call it my tip of the year! Never miss an important post again. Always be where the important conversations are happening, and always stay connected with those influential people you’ve determined are important to continue relationships with.

Notifications and Volume Controls

Google Plus Volume Control

Google Plus Volume Control

Let’s begin by understanding where the posts you see in your home stream come from. Basically they are posts from your circles, communities and from what’s hot. Taken together these three categories determine what you see on Google+. Thankfully, Google has given us full control over what we see with volume and notification controls.

Each circle has a volume control, and a notification option. So basically you can get a notification when anyone in a notification circle posts, and you can set volume controls for each circle as well. The volume control sets the number of posts from a particular circle you’ll see in your home stream. We have three levels of volume control:

  • “More”
  • “Standard”
  • and “Fewer”

Circle Management Notification Flow Technique

This technique makes full use of these notification and volume control settings. In the 3 simple steps below, I will outline how to get your Google Plus circles setup using the Notification Flow technique.

Step 1: To begin with create a circle called, “Notify” and in this circle place only those people you wish you see every post they make. Be careful here to keep the number of people in this circle low so you’re not overwhelmed by notifications. I have around 20 people in my notify circle, and that’s plenty for me.

Step 2: Next setup 3 more circles circles named:

  • “Flow 1”
  • “Flow 2”
  • and “Trial Flow”

Step 3: For each of these circles set the volume control to correspond to one of the three volume settings. So:

  • “Flow 1” = “More”
  • “Flow 2” = “Standard”
  • and “Trial Flow” = “Fewer”
Uncheck "Show Posts in Homestream"

Uncheck “Show Posts in Homestream”

this way you’ll see a well tuned mixture of posts from people you find interesting. More from important connections, and less from the less important ones. Once these circles have been setup, make sure to uncheck the box that says, “Show Posts in Home stream” from any circles you may have that you don’t want interfering with your home stream. This way you won’t see posts from people unless they are in one of your top 4 circles, or other of your important circles should you have those also.

Now you won’t have to wonder what category to put people in because you will only have to ask, “how many of this person’s posts do I want to see in my home stream?” Of course you can have other circles to keep people organized, and you can move people through the flow system to see more or less of their posts. It’s also important to try new people out by placing them in one of your lower volume flow circles such as “Trial Flow”. After some time, you can determine whether to continue seeing their posts in your stream, increase the volume of their posts (by moving them up the flow to a higher level) or not see their posts anymore.

Use this technique to drastically improve how you experience Google Plus!

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