Google Plus for Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy

Cindy Molchany, an Online community manager and social media strategist, talks about how she is using Google+ for digital marketing. Cindy founded and is using Google+ as a key piece to her digital marketing strategy. In addition to founding craftbeveragejobs, Cindy is running communities and strategy for wine and beer bloggers conferences.

One of Cindy’s goals over the past two years has been to bring those wine and beer bloggers over to Google+ from other platforms. One of the strategies she’s using to bring people over to Google+ is to share stories of her success using Google+. To do this Cindy writes a lot of blog posts about how to use Google+ more effectively, and shares data she’s gathered from her own efforts on Google+.

Started Communities on Google+

One of the first strategies Cindy implemented was to start some Google+ communities. Through continued growth in these Google+ communities, Cindy has been able to improve traffic and brand recognition for her business ventures. Supporting these communities requires involvement in them, and staying in the loop as well.

Community development is important to their continued growth, and that takes dedication. Be active in your communities, commenting on and sharing people’s content. Support your community members!

It’s Not All About the Circle Numbers!

Having a massive audience isn’t the only goal. Sure, having a large audience can be helpful, but it’s important to note that your audience should be engaging your niche. In Cindy’s case she wants people who are interested in the craft beer and wine niche, so she’d rather have 100 very interested people than 1000 who are only moderately interested.

Don’t over use circle shares. Circling large numbers of people, in order to get some of them to circle you back, may be tempting at first. However, with big circles shares you wont be developing a relevant audience and you’re basically wasting your time.

There are certain instances when moderately sized circle shares (one or two hundred in the shared circle) can be helpful. This is only true when you know the person who curated the circle. For example, Martin Shervington is a well respected influencer in the Google+ for business community. Martin occasionally curates moderately sized circles of people who have been engaging his content, so if you’re in the Google+ for business niche adding Martin’s circles would benefit you.

Notification Flow Circle Management on Google+

As you begin to build your circles, you’ll quickly notice the need for a good circle management strategy. Many people on Google+ use theĀ circle management technique called Notification Flow. Basically the Notification Flow technique allows you to set the volume levels on specific circles, as well as a notification circle. Using this technique helps you organize your circles, and engage on those posts that are most relevant to your niche.

Back to the interview. Cindy wraps up by saying that more than any other social network, Google+ is about growing by helping other people grow. In no other network are there so many genuine influencers who are willing to step up and help others build their own influence.

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