Google Plus Etiquette

A simple thank you goes a long way on Google Plus, and there are a few good ways to do that. Here Michael takes us through some of the basics to Google+ etiquette. These tips are for people who are looking to build a following on G+ based on quality relationships.

Google+ is just like life when it comes to etiquette. When someone holds a door open for you say thank you. Similarly when someone comments on or shares your post say thank you. Properly plus mention people when thanking them. This is done on Google+ by prefixing the ‘+’ symbol before the name of the person you’re plus mentioning. For example to plus mention Michael you’d simply write +Michael Bennett, and G+ would automatically link that name to Michael’s account.

Plus Mention with an ID

You can always grab a users ID number to ensure that a proper plus mention get’s completed. Simply right click on a proper plus mention of that person and “copy link address”. When you paste you’ll get more than you need, but you’ll see a long string of numbers. This is that users id number, and if you add the ‘+’ symbol in front of this number the plus mention will properly complete every time. This technique can also be used in social scheduling apps like Buffer. The result looks like this +107290419352782290509

The Ever Valuable Hat Tip

The hat tip is another friendly piece of etiquette to use when sharing posts. For example if you see a post in someone’s stream that they shared themselves you’ll notice that when you share this post only the person who originally shared is mentioned. In this case it’s good etiquette to hat tip the person whose post you shared. This is done by adding “h/t” and then the plus mention. This also increases the likelihood that the person you h/t will engage you because you mentioned them.

Bonus tip here is to always add some value when sharing others posts by summarizing the content, and adding your own unique perspective. Here’s a link to our seminal posts category with a post detailing this process, and why it’s important.

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