Google Plus Increase Social Signals for Your Website

Increase Social Signals to Your Website with G+

Increase Social Signals to Your Website with G+

Posting photos on Google+ is a lot of fun, but did you know that if you include a link in the body of your post you’ll gain +1s for that linked webpage? This will drive more engagement than simply posting with the link added to the post. You’ll see more engagement because people like to see that big photo rather than the small image associated with a link that’s attached to your post.

You won’t see the same SEO benefit to sharing photos with a link in the body text of your post because links in a post body are nofollow links. Whereas links attached to a post are followed, and therefore pass on link juice benefit.

However if you’re interested in gaining social signals (which are factored into Google search ranking), and +1s to your webpage content then this is an incredibly tool to use. Basically the +1s of your photo post will accrue as +1s of the link that’s in the body text of your post.

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