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Google Plus Communities

Google Plus Communities

Here we discuss Google Plus communities, and how to use them to further your goals on Google+. Communities are an excellent way for people to grow their brand both as an individual and as a business. Particularly when you’re first starting on Google+ you won’t have a lot of people engaging in your public stream, and this is where G+ communities can really be beneficial. Basically a Google+ community is a group of people organized around a topic or niche. What you want to do is find those communities built around your niche topics, join them and engage with people.

One of your priorities in communities is to be helpful. Find people asking the questions you can help answer, and help them out. Also you’ll find a lot of people who wish to be helpful so ask questions because you’ll see a lot of engagement. Another top priority, both for G+ communities and more broadly with Google+ in general, is to build real lasting relationships. This means putting in the time and effort necessary for a quality relationship.

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  1. September 21, 2013

    […] I’m a member of 10 or 15 LinkedIn Groups, but haven’t been impressed with the experience. What sets Google Communities apart is the quality and the consistency of interactions. It seems that members exercise an incredible […]

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