Google Plus What’s Hot and Photography Links

Here we’ll be discussing the new What’s Hot section and the new photograph hover links on Google+. Awhile back the What’s Hot link disappeared on us! It used to be in the left navigation section, but it has now moved.

Whats Hot, also called, “What’s hot and recommended”, is a great way to quickly get an idea of what’s going on around Google+.

To find What’s Hot you can follow these steps:

  • Head over to your main stream by clicking, “Home” in the left pop-out nav
  • Find the, “Explore” button near the top center of your screen
  • You’ll see a blue box titled, “Explore Google+”
  • Learn more about Exploring Google Plus in 2014
  • Click the, “What’s hot” link down under the big blue box

People can use the information in What’s Hot in various ways. For example Online marketers and content marketers can quickly find out what people are currently interested in, and use this information to get ideas for new content pieces. More casual users, those of us using Google+ for fun, can use What’s Hot to find interesting topics to explore.

Photograph Hover Links on Google+

Chicago Skyline by Michael Bennett Photography

Chicago Skyline by Michael Bennett Photography

Now we’ll move on to some other news on Google+. That is the new links that appear on photographs when you hover over them. Give this a try for yourself! First find some great photographs. We recommend Michael Bennett Photography for some stunning photos such as the one seen here.

Once you’ve found some photos you like hover over one to see a link appear. Clicking on this link will take you to the associated page where you’ll find other photos by that same person or page. This is a fast and easy way to explore photographs on Google+, and is also great for photographers because now people can find their content more easily.

Here we’ve covered some great new features of Google+. Including the new What’s Hot section as well as the new hover links for photographs. We do our best to stay on top of all the new features and updates from around Google Plus. If you’d like to learn more about Google+ see our Google+ Tips and Tricks Videos!

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