Helping on Google Plus – Key to Building Influence

Helping on Google+ - Key to Building Influence

Helping on Google+ – Key to Building Influence

Being helpful on Google Plus is one of the fastest ways of growing an audience and building influence. Often, when first starting out on Google+, it’s a great idea to curate other people’s content. This is very helpful to those other people because it helps spread their content around. Also when you write a good summary of someone’s content it helps to build your influence as well.

Michael Bennett has done an outstanding job of re-purposing content into a helpful format, and he is receiving extraordinary feedback! People are responding very positively to his helpful drive presentations, and influential people on Google Plus really appreciate what he’s doing as well.

Basically by being helpful on Google+ Michael, and others, are building very successful profiles and extending their influence. It’s a much different approach from saying, “hey I have something to sell” or “hey click my website to buy the latest gadget”. By building relationships through being helpful people will appreciate what you do, and if they every need a product or service that you offer you’ll be top of the list to provide them what they need.

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