The NOD3x – Circloscope Integration for Google Plus

Google Plus, is perhaps the single most important social network for business. This holds true for both local and completely digital companies. For local businesses, the connections made on Google+ have the effect of extending your reach into the local community. This happens, whether your customers are on Google+ directly or not.

For digital businesses, Google+ represents massive opportunity to connect with customers/advocates/partners both on the social platform directly and on the many connected Google services. Google+ is very much the beating heart of Google, and we all know our customers are using Google services from YouTube to Gmail.

Where do NOD3x and Circloscope Fit Into the Picture?

NOD3x is a tool for Social Network Analysis (SNA). Put simply, NOD3x is a tool for social discovery. Basically, NOD3x will track the posts and news articles across the Internet for a specific set of keywords and hashtags you give it. For example, if you setup a NOD3x project to track digital photography, you will begin to see the top posts and incluencers for the topic of digital photography.

In addition to top posts and influencers, NOD3x also shows you analysis like:

  • the days and times your topic is receiving the most engagement
  • the top hashtags people are using
  • the networks on which the topic is receiving the most engagement
  • the words people are using the most when discussing the topic
  • the type of content people prefer the most such as images/video/links etc.

Here, we want to focus in on the top posts and most specifically those people who are engaging those top posts. The people who are plus one-ing/commenting/sharing these topically relevant top posts, represent the audience you want to be connecting with.


Step #1: click to run the engagements update
Step #2: click the Circloscope icon for the magic to happen

nod3x-engagers-loadedOnce done, you will be taken over to Circloscope where you’ll see the notification letting you know that your NOD3x engagers list has been loaded. Clicking on that button, will take you to the list of engagers!

From here you can use Circloscope’s filters to narrow your focus on those who have most engaged your topic. Also, you may wish to filter out those people who have already circled you or whom you have already circled.

It’s All About an Engaged Audience

What you’re looking for is an audience who engages your posts and content. What this means is that they are interested in your topic, and they are much more likely to be open to collaboration/partnership/being your customer than most other people.

With this technique, you’ll find that developing an engaged audience around the topics of your choice has never been easier on Google Plus!

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