Optimize your Local Business and AdWords with a new Website

If you like wasting your money and not succeeding in business, this post isn’t for you. However, if you’re into succeeding in business and remaining sustainably profitable, read on. Your local business website is a major touch point for your customers. Often before picking up the phone or coming to your store, people are viewing (and judging) your business by your website. When clicking on an AdWords ad, people are always landing on your website. The bottom line here is that your website need to be optimized for people, or you’re wasting your money.

Does a Local Business need a Website?

Perhaps you’re thinking that as a local business you don’t need a website. Consider that 4 in 5 customers conduct local searches on search engines, and you’ll quickly realize that almost all your local customers will visit your website. The real question to ask is whether you are providing the best experience to your customers when they visit your website.

Here are a few things to consider about your local business website:

The list goes on and one, but the bottom line is that your business website must be providing a great customer experience. Keep in mind that if you’re not providing that great customer experience, your competition will be.

AdWords, Local Business and your Website

As Google continues to adapt their organic search results to favor ads, businesses look to AdWords. Consider this from a recent Search Engine Land post, “Local businesses will likely have to spend more money on ads to receive the same visibility in Google.” The emerging pay-to-play model (we saw Facebook move this way last year, with organic reach down to almost nothing) means businesses must understand how to effectively spend their money with AdWords.

Google AdWords should be approached with optimistic caution. I say optimistic because AdWords presents huge opportunities for business growth, and I say caution because if you don’t properly setup your AdWords campaigns you will waste a lot of money. Thankfully, Google is very interested in helping you be successful with AdWords and they will help you get an awesome campaign setup. Be sure you also setup ad tracking, so you know exactly how much money you company is taking in as a result of the money you’re spending on AdWords.

Your website ties into AdWords directly, because it is where people land when they click on your ad. You’ve spent good money on that click, don’t waste it by having a poorly optimized website. Also, be sure your landing page content is very relevant to the text of the ad you’ve setup. The more relevant your landing page is to an ad, the higher your AdWords quality score will be. Having a high quality score means lower cost per click, higher conversions, happier customers and better earnings for your company. Remember, profitability is sustainability. To best serve your customers and community your company has to be profitable. Even with non-profit organizations positive income flow is needed to pay overhead.

What’s the Bottom line for Local Business?

Keep your customer in mind, and understand that they are visiting your website. Also keep in mind that Google is moving towards more of a pay-to-play model, and that AdWords is a great option for connecting with local customers. The better optimized your website is, the better off your local business will be.

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