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Google IO 2014 Keynote Review

    This year’s Google IO event is all about Android, Apps and Chrome! Google’s Senior VP, Sundar Pichi leads the tour this year, and what a tour it is. Diving right in, there...

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Content Marketing Strategy & Storytelling on Google Plus

The kind of content that connects is the kind that brings people into the story. Take this one and a half minute Happy Cycle video as an example. It opens with some fun, active facts about their product and a question, “A Coke used to cost 5 cents. But what if a 12-oz. Coke cost 140 calories?” Already, we’re being brought into the conversation by being asked a question, we’re being invited to think about an answer.

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Google Plus What’s Hot and Photography Links

Here we’ll be discussing the new What’s Hot section and the new photograph hover links on Google+. Awhile back the What’s Hot link disappeared on us! It used to be in the left navigation section, but it has now moved.

Whats Hot, also called, “What’s hot and recommended”, is a great way to quickly get an idea of what’s going on around Google+.

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HDR Photo Editing in Snapseed on Google Plus

Recently Google updated the Snapseed photo editing tools available in Google Plus to include HDR photo editing tools. When Google released the new HDR filter it was initially not available except from the mobile...