Photo View Counts in Google Plus

Photo View Counts on Google Plus

Photo View Counts on Google Plus

Measuring engagement, that is how successful your posts are, is very important to overall Google Plus success. In this quick Google Plus tips and tricks video Michael Bennett walks you through how to track view counts on your photos.

Basically to see the view count on your photos you simply click on the image. This will bring up a lightbox full screen view, and your image view count is now at the bottom. An important note here is that your image must have over 250 views before the view count shows up. Also it’s important to note that this count is tracking the number of people who have seen your image, and not the number who have had any other interaction with it.

One of the important things to pay attention to here is the relationship between views, and other engagement signals on the post containing the image. For example you may post an image in your public stream, and although the view count may be high you man notice that the +1s, comments and shares are relatively low. However that same post, with the same image, put in a topically relevant community may have a better ratio of engagement to views. This helps us understand where content is better suited, and with future posts we can pay more attention to the relevancy of our posts.

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