The Social Analysis Value Proposition of the Year

Social Analysis and Discovery

NOD3x Engagement View for Social Discovery

I have been evangelizing a social network analysis (SNA) and discovery tool called NOD3x, for some time now. With unparalleled abilities to quickly show you influencers and key conversations on Google+, it’s been very popular on that platform.

The Broader Social Conversation

Depending on your topics of interest, Google+ may not be the only network on which you want to be active. As we all know, there are numerous well known social networks with many hundreds of millions of people actively engaging every second around the globe. That’s a lot of conversations to sift through!

NOD3x gives you insight across not only Google+, but also:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • 250k+ News and Blog Feeds

As an individual digital marketer, small business owner, personal brand or agency access to these social conversations is a goldmine. Potential customers are having conversations right now, but without the proper tools you’re not able to connect with them in a timely manner.

What Full Social Access Means

With full access to social media streams from around the Web, you’ll be able to engage the conversations you need to be quickly from a single dashboard. The new NOD3x Engagements View, shows you a single unified stream from all corners of the social web.

In addition, you can filter your entire topically relevant project by:

  • Language
  • Source
  • Location
  • Persona
  • Opinion
  • Start/End Date

The above filters help you quickly answer questions, and find relevant people where ever their conversations are taking place. Would you like to connect with Spanish speaking residents of San Francisco, who have a positive opinion of your topic on Twitter? NOD3x can connect you with them. Would you like to see Facebook posts from English speakers, having a positive conversation about iPads? NOD3x can help you find those people, and answer their questions.

Are You Running Social Ad Campaigns?

Understanding your audience, the words they use, the content they prefer and the people they hangout with are all key elements to successful social ad campaigns. NOD3x helps connect you with your audience in more meaningful ways than any other social tool.

best-days-times-to-shareWould you like to know the top days and times your topic is getting engagement on Twitter? NOD3x shows that you to, specifically targeted to your niche. Set your ad campaigns to run, when the most targeted activity is happening. Want to know the words and hashtags people are using in relations to your niche? NOD3x has the Word Cloud module which shows you exactly that.

What Does All this Access and Analysis Cost?

The free NOD3x plan offers access to Google+ and YouTube data at no cost. The GPlusPro package starts out at $9 (£5) a month. More details here. Each additional data source can be added on an individual basis for $80 (£45) per month. The complete NOD3x Pro package, including all data sources and analysis tools, costs $265(£158) per month, or $3,050 per year.

However, as an exclusive for our audience with this link, Lee Smallwood of NOD3x is offering full pro access for $40 per month. That rate will be locked in for up to 24 months if you so choose. This deal is only being offered for a very limited time, now through the end of next week October, 31st or until 500 sign up.

Here are the Core Details

1. Identify Key influencers and engagers on any online discussions taking place
2. Identify best day of the week and best time of day to schedule specific content – per language, per country and per social network
3. Opinion Analysis
4. Hashtag Analysis
5. Content Type Analysis
6. G+, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, 250k News/Top Web Sources
7. Trending Stories from around the world
8. Detailed Social Profile / Post Search (Posts, Comments, Profile Bio, Links
9. 10 Saved Project Dashboards

Full access to NOD3x Pro

Analysis Tools

● Google+
• Brand Page management
• Google Activity Analysis (Profile, Brand and Competitors)
• Google Activity Analysis (Profile, Brand and Competitors)
• Analyze your G+ connections and common connections to build and strengthen your network

● YouTube
• Video Research

● Twitter
• Profile Analysis

● Facebook
• Facebook Page Analysis

● LinkedIn
• Company Page Analysis
• Profile Analysis

● 3 Months Data Storage
● Buffer Integration (create and schedule posts across xyz social networks)
● Engagement View UIs for all current social networks integrated with NOD3x
● Circloscope Integration
● Virtual Mentor
● Price locked for 24 months

What’s coming?
● No additional charge for new data sources being added soon!
• Pinterest
• Tumblr
• Vine

New Analysis tools to make your lives easier!
Normal cost $3,050

Saving $2,570 per year

Offer $482 For one Year! Here’s the link if you’re interested:

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