Use 3rd Party SMM Tools to +Mention on G+

Using 3rd Party SMM Tools with Google Plus

Using 3rd Party SMM Tools with Google Plus

Using 3rd party social media management (SMM) tools, like Sprout Social, can be very helpful. In this video Stephan Hovnanian gives us an overview of using these 3rd party SMM tools with plus mentions on Google Plus. A plus mention, on Google Plus, creates a link between your post and the person mentioned. This will also generate a notification to the person mentioned.

Using the plus mention feature within Google+ is very simple. You simply add a + sign in front of the persons name you’re mentioning. However this is something that will benefit you when sharing content, and composing posts, from 3rd party tools like Sprout Social or Hootsuite.

Using Plus Mention with 3rd Party Tools

What you do, instead of using the normal convention of + and the persons name, you use the + sign and the id to the persons profile. Okay great, but how do you get that id? Very easy! Simply go over to their profile, and copy the id out of the url in your browser. You can also get this id by finding a + mention of the persons name in a comment thread or in a post on Google+ directly. Then right click on their name, and copy the address.

When you paste this address you’ll see the entire link to the persons profile, but the id is in this link. Delete everything but the id, and you’ll have what you need to get this working! When you check the post in Google+ you’ll see that the + id has turned into a normal looking + mention, that the link to the persons profile has been created and the person who was + mentioned has received a notification.

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