Using Private, Secure Google Hangouts for Lawyers

In this video Thomas Finley, founder of, provides an overview for using private, secure Google Hangouts for lawyers. Generally speaking if a person wants to have a meeting with a lawyer they have to get in their car and drive (often through heavy city traffic) to sit in a waiting room to meet their lawyer face to face. However, with today’s video conferencing technology this is no longer necessary.

A face to face meeting between a lawyer and their clients can take place using the secure HTTPS Google Hangouts capabilities. More about the security of Google Hangouts video calls can be found on where the HTTPS protocol is discussed in more detail.

Would I Have to Only Use Google Hangouts With My Clients?

The intention of is to provide a place where lawyers can list themselves as offering client meetings using Google Hangouts or other secure video conferencing technology. Meaning that lawyers offering this type of service would simply be augmenting their current law practice, and not replacing it in any way.

Client meetings would be scheduled in advance just as in person meetings are scheduled today. This ability to schedule a virtual meeting saves both client and lawyer a lot of time and expense. As Mr. Finley points out in the video, this is different from the live chat features available on some sites. A secure Google Hangout is not intended to require a lawyer to be on call in any way. Attorney/client meetings would take place on a scheduled basis much as they currently do.

What Are the Requirements to Having a Video Call With Your Lawyer?

The only requirements to having a Google Hangout video call is a computer, or mobile device, with speakers and a webcam. Once you’ve met the hardware requirements you’ll also need a Google account. Many people already have a Google account. If you have a Google Mail, or Gmail, email account you have everything you need to have a secure Google Hangout already.

Once both parties are setup with a Gmail account, and compatible hardware, a Google Hangout can take place. These can be conducted from virtually any location that has an Internet connection. Whether that be from a home office or your living room is up to the parties involved.

Mr. Finley, who has practiced law for over 27 years, goes on to explain that there may be certain extremely sensitive topics that you’d feel more comfortable discussing with a lawyer in person. For these circumstances an in-person visit is certainly advisable. For many types of legal meetings, between a lawyer and their client, a Google Hangout provides a more than adequate environment in which to conduct the meeting.

Often legal meetings take less than 30 minutes. These conversations can easily be conducted in the security and privacy afforded by a Google Hangout. Feel free to contact for more information.

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