A Video Introduction to Google Plus Circles

Video Introduction to Google Plus Circles

Video Introduction to Google Plus Circles

In this introduction we cover what Google+ circles are, and how they really separate Google+ from other social media networks. For starters Google+ circles are a way of communicating directly with only select people. For example you may have a circle of family members with whom you’d like to share family photos. On Google+ this is very easily done by creating a circle, and putting your family member in it. This way anything you share to your family circle will only be seen by your family members.

The top of your Home screen you’ll see links to all your circles organized as you set them up in circle management. See the video on the left for a complete overview of how to organize these links. Circle organization is a very important skill to learn as you grow on Google Plus, and we’ll be covering how to do that in an upcoming video. For now you can see that I have too many circles, but generally speaking I always click to see those posts made by people in my “influencer” circle.

Another good circle to setup, besides an influencer circle, is what is called a “notification” circle. This is a circle of people who have said that they would like to be notified of new posts you put out, and this list should be built on an ongoing basis. Like an email list. From time to time it’s a good idea to share a post asking if anyone would like to be added to your influencer circle.

Stay tuned for our next video covering more about circles, and circle management on Google Plus. If you’d like to see this video as soon as it’s recorded subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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