A DoShare Guide: Scheduling Google Plus Posts in Advance…And So Much More!

DoShare logoNeed a Google Plus post scheduler? The Chrome browser extension DoShare is without qualification the most useful (and most used) Google+ related app for my daily Google+ content curation.

In a nutshell, DoShare allows you to create Google+ posts (or reshare Google+ posts or web content) that you can schedule to post at any future date and time. It has a host of other features that are almost worth using it for if you never used the rescheduler at all. We’ll get into all those below.

One warning: Your Chrome browser must be running and online at the time any of your scheduled posts are set to publish.

Installing DoShare

1. In your Chrome browser, go to to DoShare’s page on the Chrome Web Store.

2. Click the green “Add to Chrome” button at upper right.

That’s it! (You may need to restart your browser in some cases to see the DoShare buttons). Once properly installed, you should see the following:

  • An orange-yellow squarish icon in your Chrome toolbar that gives you a “DoShare” tooltip when you hover your mouse over it. The icon will have a number if you have any posts waiting in draft mode in DoShare.

DoShare Chrome icon

  • A DoShare reshare icon added on to Google+ posts when you are viewing them in the Chrome browser where you have DoShare enabled.

DoShare Google+ share icon

Creating a Google+ Post in DoShare

Before we get into using DoShare to reshare content from Google+ or the web, let’s have a look at its posting interface. You’ll need to be familiar with this for the resharing functions as well.

1. To create a post from scratch, open a a new tab or window in Chrome, and click the DoShare icon in the toolbar.

DoShare Post creation icon

2. Click inside the DoShare share box content area.

DoShare share box


3. Click in the top box and add your post title. (HINT: Do NOT use the standard Google+ bold codes [*asterisks* on either side of the text]. DoShare will automatically bold your title!)

doshare post title


4. Click in the box below the green bar and enter the content of your post. BONUS: Notice the “B I S” buttons in the green bar? You can create bold, italicized, and strikethrough text in your posts with those buttons, just like you would in a word processor! No need for the Google+ formatting codes.

You can use all the regular posting features of Google+, including +mentioning other users and hashtags.

DoShare Content Box


5. Now click in the “Add more people” box and add circles and/or people you circle, just as you would on Google+.

DoShare add circles box


6. Now let’s fancy up our post. You can add a featured image or link by clicking the camera or link icon at bottom right.

DoShare adding images and linksBut DoShare also adds two nifty features you can’t do on a regular Google+ post: polls and sharing to Pages.

Let’s look at Polls first, DoShare’s newest feature add-on. To create a Poll post, click the check mark icon at bottom right. This will open up the DoShare Poll Creation interface.

You can click in any of the poll choice boxes and change the text to whatever you want. A poll post automatically has comments disabled.

DoShare poll creation


A Poll post creates a comment for each selection box in the poll. Users vote by +1’ing their selection. (You may want to include that instruction in your poll posts.)

A DoShare Poll post on Google Plus


Now let’s look at the Page Switching share feature. Another thing you can do when creating posts via DoShare that you can’t do on Google+ itself is choose for the post to go to one of your managed pages instead of your personal profile. To do this, click your profile icon at bottom right and select a Page instead.

DoShare sharing to pages


Scheduling or Sharing a DoShare Post

To Share a DoShare post immediately just click the Share Now button at the bottom of your post. The post will appear immediately on Google+.

DoShare Share Now button

To Schedule a DoShare post for future posting, click the Schedule button at the bottom of your post to open the scheduling interface.

DoShare scheduled post interface


Use the calendar to choose the date you want to post to publish, and the sliders to set the hour and time (which shows in 24-hour format). When you’ve got your date and time set, click Schedule, and your post will be put into DoShare’s cue and automatically posted at the chosen time. Remember! Your Chrome browser must be running and online at the time your post is scheduled to go live. If a scheduled post time is missed, the post will be left in draft mode, and you can either share it immediately or reschedule it at any time.

One more thing to note: any DoShare posts that are in either draft or scheduled mode can be accessed from the DoShare interface at any time. Just click on any stored posts to edit, reschedule, or publish them.

DoShare Scheduled and Draft post listings


Sharing or Scheduling a DoPost Share from Google+ or the Web

Now that you know how to create and share DoShare posts (and if you don’t, please read the sections above first!), sharing or future-scheduling shared content from Google+ or the web via DoShare couldn’t be easier.

From any Google+ post, just click the DoShare share icon next to your regular Google+ reshare button.

DoShare Google+ share icon


From any page on the web, just click the DoShare icon in your Chrome toolbar.

DoShare Post creation icon


Doing either of those will open DoShare in a new tab, with the linked post or page included.

DoShare post with link included


Click the attached link to open the share box and preview the featured link snippet as it will appear on Google+.

DoShare link snippet preview


Featured link sharing is one of the only areas in which DoShare has less capabilities than a traditional Google+ share: you can’t edit the featured image.

Now add a title and post text as instructed above, and share or schedule the post.

That’s it! Enjoy using DoShare, and take a moment to thank the amazing +Tzafrir Rehan who created it and shares it with all of us for free!


Mark Traphagen

Mark is Director of Digital Outreach for Virante Inc., a search marketing agency located in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. Mark is a recognized authority on Google+ and Google Authorship, and is regularly invited to speak on those topics at national conferences.

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